Natural cosmetics, aloe vera creams, formulated to achieve the best moisturizing, anti-wrinkle and firming action on the skin.

 Our natural cosmetics in addition to aloe vera uses other assets such as:

Helix aspersa (snail slime), rosehip, argan, ganoderma, apitoxin (bee venom), starfish extract, hyaluronic acid, grape seed oil, allantoin, tea tree oil, calendula, stem cells of aloe vera, which make them more effective to fight wrinkles, blemishes, scars, firming the skin, soften it and make it more attractive and that looks with all its beauty.

100% aloe vera cream is a very economical product like most natural preparations and is highly effective as a body cream after a shower, but it is also widely used for moisturizing the feet, hands and face. Helps eliminate skin spots and small wrinkles has a very discreet and pleasant perfume.

Aloe vera creams with active bee venom efficacy against wrinkles in dry skin.


Apitoxin (bee venom), is used to treat psoriasis, warts, herpes, varicose osteoarthritis, etc. Combining the anti-wrinkle and tensor effects of apitoxin with royal jelly, pollen, honey and propolis of great nutritional power and Aloe Vera barbadensis, the apitox-aloe cream is obtained which is an ideal cosmetic specialty to combat wrinkles and blemishes in mature skin, battered or punished. This line consists of three prepared a serum and a facial cream and an anti-inflammatory cream (apitox-aloe relax) to treat muscular and rheumatic complaints.